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commission for spartan309

commission for spartan309

commission for tazemusic

commission for tazemusic

Headcannon: When alone he likes to pretend he's princess Luna.

why hide? it’s nothing to be ashamed of

Headcannon: He's Ruby's stalker and wants only her to himself and no other pony can be close to her.


Ex-royal guard maybe? Likes to flaunt, very boisterous. He has great skill with a blade, and isn’t afraid to show it. He left the guard to pave his own path, rather than settle for their rules and regulations

He will eat all proper and stuff in front of others, but when he's alone he'll just absorb his food he shoves that much of it into his mouth.

give me some headcanons and ideas about this guy~


I got wet for a good cause!
I wanted to do the ALS challenge with ICE, but for some reason the store had run completely out of ice. I donated money as well as doing this challenge.


and everyone else who feels like getting wet!
seriously though, if you have money to spare, please consider donating to the als foundation. It’s amazing how this challenge has blown up on the internet, with all the celebrities donating and whatnot. But there’s still work to be done, and the ALS foundation can use all the help they can get to beat this horrible illness.


look at this nerd pouring water over himself (its prickly pete-mod and my balcony)

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