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Ruby Rue
Hi! I just wanted to say your art is beautiful and has really inspired me over the years! I love your sketching and your shining and well...Everything! Please keep up the great work! It brings me joy to see your art on my dashboard. Have a lovely day! <3~

so many kind words!

I... uh.. hi. I realized you're following me and.. (sorry I'm a little shy. I wish I could write anonymously to you... but uhm..) thank you! Y.you are an awesome artist and i really love your works! ... so.. uh... THANKS !! And keep up the awesomeness :3

thank you for kind words


I don’t want people to notice me as much as possible.

In the background:

Ruby ( ask-rubyrue ), Ayasha ( ayasha-the-pony ) and Coffee Talk ( ask-king-sombra )


I am 22 and I still can’t figure out who the bad guy is in scooby doo 95% of the times…image


with the Gala finally over enter this tag to read everything all over again!

first winner from the giveaway!
nako the pony

first winner from the giveaway!

nako the pony

hey guys! the last page of ruby’s gala date is up!


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did you also know prickly pete has an ask blog himself?

you should go ask him some questions here!


The #1 way to a girls heart is telling her she’s pretty.



Now this is what I’ve been working for the last weeks. I recently reached 2000 followers, but it was oh wow, like 3 weeks ago! I can’t say thank you enough times, oh my God, I love you all! ;w;

So yeah, it was really hard to choose only 50 ponies. I wish I could draw all of you, but it’s impossible ;-; But, I have a nice army of followers consisting of loyal stalkers, famous tumblr ones and very best friends.

Now, let’s see who are on the pictures!

The Very first picture
From left to right: 
Shadow, Erad, Szepiz, Star, Sweetie

I need to thank them first, because they’ve been with me from the beginning <3

First picture
First row: Noara, Casy, cute buttpony (Backy), Ayasha, Tootie
Second row: Letters for Celestia, Penwright, Thauma, Nigel, Tracy

Second picture
First row: Dream Phoenix, Bubblepop, Vivid from Captiveponies, Pendleton, Plumsweet (unfortunately on hiatus)
Second row: AeroSalt, Notepad, Shai Ni, Horror, Green Breeze 

Third picture
First row: Burning Stream, Foxface, Smitty, Sweet Cream, Pond-Pawn
Second row: Senbon, Coffee from ask King Sombra, Oddy, Uglypony, Satine 

Fourth picture
First row: Dr. Radical, Tryp, Zephyr, Art Spark, Magic Rarity
Second row: Speed Bolt, Penumbra, Colarix, Zeraphine

Fifth picture
First row: StarStorm, Mimie, Wild Card, Teenage Pipsqueak, Ruby Rue
Second row: Cristice, Lagasse, Soul Cat, Nathan, Kellic

And again; THANK YOU SO MUCH! ;w;

YAY, ruby is in there! thank you very much <3


Princess Luna
Drawing on textured grey CANSON paper, will be framed in black or white frame.
Used media : Pencil, black and white pen, markers

I wanted to keep it at first but after i found out at my dentist today how much i have to pay to have all of my teeth fixed (and its horribly huge price), i have to start saving funds for it >.<
So its


Auction starts at 20$ 

look, bootifull moonhorse, go buy it before it’s gone!